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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Living Under the True King

Living Under the True King

The message of the Kingdom is everywhere in the gospels. How is this central message of Jesus meant to impact and shape each of our lives?
Gary Mayes
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What If We're All Addicts: Finding Freedom from Cultural Captivity

Addictions to things that seem good (and are applauded by our culture) may be taking us captive—and Jesus wants us free.
Doug Humphreys
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Looking Beneath the Surface: Discovering the Power of God in Iraq

In God’s Kingdom, an unspeakable power—far greater than any kingdom or power of this world—is at work. But we often have to look beneath the surface of things to find it.
Jim Bloom
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Formed and Equipped: How God Prepares Us for Kingdom Work

Far from being at odds with Kingdom action, contemplative practices—which encourage us simply to rest with and in God—are tools God uses to shape us for the Kingdom work he calls us to.
Erin Bair
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