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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Listen to the voices of women in ministry

Q&A with Mona Siddiqui
They focus on different aspects, but both religious traditions promote practices of gratitude and thanksgiving, says a scholar of Islamic and interreligious studies at the University of Edinburgh. 
Q&A with Ralph West
The world is made up of people with differing opinions, the pastor of The Church Without Walls said. Yet it's possible to be friends in the presence of love. 
Q&A with Manuela Casti Yeagley
Women in ministry benefit from seeing other women pastoring, says the lead researcher of the Flourishing in Ministry project. That's why it's important to witness and learn from the real experiences of women clergy. 
By Nathan Kirkpatrick
The future of ministry is multivocational. How can we imagine a model of multivocational ministry that is less about simply making ends meet and more about pursuing passions and engaging creativity? 
Q&A with Jenny Yang
Christians must engage with their local church on immigration to move past politics and follow the Bible, the vice president of advocacy and policy at World Relief says.

Join us for Foundations of Christian Leadership in Washington, D.C., where we will draw on the rich resources of the surrounding community as we imagine and listen together to how God is stirring in our world, in our church and in our lives. The 2020 cohort meets in April and September.

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