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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Have a Wonderful Time! with Pastor Carlos

Have a Wonderful Time!

Fall Festival is here! Thank you to everyone who has been working to make the Fall Festival happen. It has become a North Park tradition, and each year the Festival is a very positive experience for school families, parishioners, returning alumni, and other members of the wider community. Please join us at this community-centered celebration where you can enjoy great music, delicious food, beverages, dance performances, and more. All proceeds raised will benefit the operation of our school, so don’t feel bad eating that extra taco or burger.

This year the annual Fr. Michael McFadden, OSA School Fund will have an official kick-off with a booth accepting donations. The annual fund this year has been themed “Keep it Safe.” Parents have responded that safety is high in the number of reasons of why they choose St Patrick School, and we would like to Keep It Safe by adding security cameras, installing an additional gate between the hall restrooms and the school classrooms, purchasing a new fire alarm, improving the visibility in front of the school office by removing the trees there, and other security related projects.

If you happened to come to Mass today for the first time, welcome! Today, the Gospel reading presents us with the healing power of God in Jesus Christ, and the gratitude of a Samaritan, who in contrast to nine ungrateful others, thanked Jesus. We give thanks and praise to God at every Mass. Please see the front of this bulletin for the schedule of Mass times. Each Sunday Mass has a different choir or cantor, so you might want to come back to experience the different styles.

God bless, Fr. Carlos, OSA

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