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Monday, October 7, 2019

Abuse survivors urge Southern Baptists to listen, then act

'It's a new day': Pastor's death put Valley Presbyterian on three-year journey
Green Valley (Arizona) News: The suicide of their pastor left members of a congregation stunned -- and launched a three-year journey of introspection, brutal honesty and a church-wide commitment to make changes.

Supreme Court's blockbuster term hits with LGBT, abortion, DACA and more
CNN: The nine Supreme Court justices will return to the relative quiet of their marble-lined corridors and majestic chamber today to face an explosive docket of cases on issues such as religious liberty, abortion, immigration, the Second Amendment and LGBT rights.

Abuse survivors urge Southern Baptists to listen, then act
Houston Chronicle: At a meeting of more than 1,600 Southern Baptists gathered to address sexual abuse, leaders said it's time to listen to survivors. But critics are skeptical that their rhetoric will result in meaningful change.

Pope seeks 'courageous' debate over Amazon priest shortage
Associated Press: Pope Francis opened a three-week meeting today by urging South American bishops to speak "courageously" at the high-profile meeting on the Amazon, where the shortage of priests is so acute that the Vatican is considering ordaining married men and giving women official church ministries.

Who's engaged in diverse friendships -- and who isn't?
Inside Higher Ed: A new research report illustrates the power of friendships across religious lines to break down prejudice and build appreciation. But students can be  exclusive even in their attempt to build diverse friend groups.

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