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Friday, September 27, 2019

Three decades ago, America lost its religion. Why?*

Trump condemns religious persecution amid refugee squeeze
Associated Press: Promises for persecuted religious minorities rang hollow as Trump's administration proposed a further cut for refugee admissions next year, to 18,000.

Is racial justice becoming a priority for evangelical voters?
Christianity Today: LifeWay Research measures political support for the issue for the first time.

Finding a faith that is stronger than death -- or my family's rejection
Religion News Service: "I want an afterlife like my life has been: one like Revelation 7:9, a great multitude of diverse people existing together in love of each other and their Creator. It's not up to me to say who qualifies," writes Heidi Hall who died on September 25.

Does a religious upbringing promote generosity or not?
Psychology Today: An erroneous paper on religion and generosity is finally retracted.

Three decades ago, America lost its religion. Why?*
The Atlantic: "Not religious" has become a specific American identity -- one that distinguishes secular, liberal whites from the conservative, evangelical right.

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