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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Music, the Language of the Soul with Pastor Carlos

Music, the Language of the Soul

Our school is back in session, and our teachers are excited to begin a new academic year. Something our students will be happy to see is the brand new music room where they will receive music classes by Ms. Anna Lee Fleming.

Why music? A syncopated rhythm can move our bodies into dance. An old song can transport us back in time. An uplifting melody can enliven our spirits. Research shows that learning to play a musical instrument increases grey matter volume, as well as strengthens the connections between various areas of the brain. So, it is no surprise that other studies show that learning music improves various cognitive functions.

If you have ever tried learning a musical instrument, you know it is not easy. It takes dedication. So when our students become proficient in playing a musical instrument, the hard work they put in will help them with confidence; it will help them to feel accomplished, and it might help them build the resilience to over-come future challenges.

Alongside all these benefits, music can be a connection to beauty in “a sophisticated, but increasingly soulless high-tech world,” to borrow the expression of Camille Paglia. Perhaps, learning how to play a beautiful tune in the guitar might dispose students to step beyond themselves, and even for a moment, experience a connection to “Beauty, ever ancient, ever new.”

Thank you to The Saint Augustine Foundation and to the hard work Mr. Ferriolo and other school dads who made our beautiful music room possible.
God bless, Fr. Carlos, OSA

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