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Thursday, July 18, 2019

President of Planned Parenthood fired

Lies, lies, lies from Planned Parenthood: All of those threats to abortion clinics after CMP videos? Turns out they were vastly exaggerated

HHS: Protect Life Rule will go into effect immediately: Trump administration announces that, as of July 15, Title X recipients no longer permitted to refer mothers for abortions

Just another guy with an opinion: Why don't Catholics listen to bishops on immigration?

Cardinal Mueller responds to Amazon Synod document: Wrote a 7-page analysis citing, among other things, a 'false teaching' on revelation

President of Planned Parenthood fired: Dr. Leana Wen, who took the reins at Planned Parenthood just eight months ago, was caught up in internal dispute over whether focus should be healthcare or political advocacy

Pope Francis sends letter in support of Christ Cathedral dedication, happening today: After a seven-year, $77-million renovation process, the Cathedral has been converted into a Catholic space

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