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Monday, June 24, 2019

St. Junípero Serra and the Founding of the West

St. Junípero Serra and the Founding of the West

Patrick M. Laurence

The story of the American Founding usually begins in the East. In that account, we speak of the war of independence, the establishment of the American republic, and of prominent founding fathers like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. But there is an older story involving other founding fathers which took place in the West. Nearly […]

Self-Doubt as a Spiritual Virtue

Robert B. Greving

Two years ago I wrote a piece about St. Thomas entitled In Defense of Doubt. In it, I praised St. Thomas for facing his doubts and said that honest doubt can be a good thing. In light of current proposals to change the wording of the last clause of the “Our Father,” I should like […]

The Birds: When the Wind Changes Overnight

Sean Fitzpatrick

For all their disagreements, scientific fact and science fiction are in agreement concerning the viral quality of fear. Men tend to panic when the wind changes overnight and blows beyond their control. Pandemonium is never as distant as a complacent people imagine. Civilized society is not immune from collapse just because it is civilized. Ingenuity […]

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