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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

James Cone, the father of black theology

Why the nation's two largest religious groups are talking about sex abuse this week
CNN: The leaders of the country's two largest religious groups -- the Catholic Church and Southern Baptist Convention -- hold meetings this week with a common agenda: clergy sexual abuse.

Vatican office blasts gender theory, questions intentions of transgender people
National Catholic Reporter: A Vatican office has blasted modern gender theory, claiming in a new document that it seeks to "annihilate the concept of 'nature.'"

The struggle to find silence in the ancient monastic world -- and now
The Conversation: Research shows that monasticism developed in part because people were seeking the solace of quiet places. But for them, like us, it was a struggle.

The populist right is forging an unholy alliance with religion
The Guardian: From Salvini to Orbán, ethno-nationalists are hijacking religious themes to fuel their agenda.

James Cone, the father of black theology
America: Anthea Butler reviews the Rev. Dr. James Cone's posthumous final book, "Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody."

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