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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Arthur Hollands Cross Walk 2019

This year Arthur Hollands, a pastor from Japan known for his unorthodox looks and radical evangelism, started his cross walk journey from Okinawa in March 2019 and is headed to Hokkaido. It's amazing what God does when you take up your cross and follow Jesus. 2019年3月に沖縄をスタート、ゴール地点の北海道の宗谷岬を目指して十字架を担ぎ歩くアーサーホーランド牧師の十字架行進2019第3章は、愛知県岡崎市から福島県郡山市への552キロの道のりです。 十字架行進についてはこちら:

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