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Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Devilish Divinization of Science

The Devilish Divinization of Science

Regis Nicoll

Dear Swillpit, Never forget that soul-snatching is a matter of one, and only one, thing: seducing the creatures into rejecting their creatureliness. It starts with an itch they have to scratch. Maybe it’s a sexual dalliance they must experience, a commodity they can’t afford, a habit they can’t (and don’t what to) shake. It matters […]

Time for All to Leave the EU?

Antonio Carlos Pereira-Menaut

The European Union elections are today. The complaint often heard about the gulf between the people and the ruling elite is not new and is not the central problem with the European Union. The British and European “remainers,” on the other hand, are making a fuss in favor of the status quo at a time […]

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