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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Newly released letters shine light on McCarrick allegations

Newly released letters shine light on McCarrick allegations
Religion News Service: The emails are the latest in a bevy of leaks, letters and reports painting an increasingly convoluted picture of who knew what, and when.

Franklin Graham calls for 'day of prayer' to shield Trump from enemies
HuffPost: The prominent evangelical supporter of President Donald Trump is calling for Christians across the country to set aside this Sunday as a "special day of prayer" for the president.

In a survey of American Muslims, 0% identified as lesbian or gay. Here's the story behind that statistic
CNN: Inclusive mosques have struggled to find consistent congregants in recent years, and many have closed down.

Russians are not waiting for a church boom
The Moscow Times: On May 26, Patriarch Kirill announced that the Orthodox Church is building around three churches a day on average, or what amounts to 30,000 churches in 10 years.

How the Jesuits got a for-profit detention center company to report human rights abuses
America: Jesuits West bought a small number of shares in GEO nine years ago with the intention of influencing corporate policy and standards.

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