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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Recognizing and rejecting “The Idol of Our Age"

Recognizing and rejecting “The Idol of Our Age" | Carl E. Olson | The “religion of humanity,” says political philosopher Daniel J. Mahoney, “draws on Christianity but radically distorts it in the process."

No, the Church doesn’t think that being a layperson is a punishment | Nicholas Senz | A laicized priest, far from being a "regular layperson" again, often cannot participate in many things lay people usually can.

Mary the Perfected Witness | Dn. Thomas Baca | If God favored Mary so much ("highly favored one"), could Mary have been prevented from losing her grace or favor during her lifetime?

Walk for Life frees prisoner to heal from loss, inspire others | Diane Hanson | I needed to acknowledge the loss of my kids,” says Michael Kershaw, serving time in California’s Valley State Prison, “and honor them through this walk – to share my story, my hurt, my shame – to heal, remember and love.”

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