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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

How are grassroots Catholics responding to the sex abuse crisis?

Simmons College panel critical of Southern Seminary's self-study on slavery and racism
Baptist News Global: A panel at a historically black college said the report on the history of slavery and racism at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is meaningless as long as the school perpetuates the flawed theology behind the founders' slaveholder religion.

May the renewed religious left avoid the religious right's mistakes
National Catholic Reporter: Religion provides a critical perspective on society, but if the left uses religion as the right does, to baptize its positions already arrived at by different means, religious Democrats will have lost an opportunity.

How are grassroots Catholics responding to the sex abuse crisis?
America: The levels of doubt that leaders of listening groups are hearing in their sessions make them painfully aware that superficial fixes or mere words will only drive Catholics away.

'Trauma is a slow burn': Mormons seek healing as church eases anti-LGBT policy
The (London) Guardian: Last week the church reversed a three-year old policy classifying people in same-sex marriages as 'apostates.' But there was no acknowledgment of fault or apology.

Future of decades-old CBS religion documentary program in doubt
Religion News Service: The network is potentially discussing cutting back or even ending a stream of faith-related segments that CBS has run since the 1940s.

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