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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thank you, Fr. Michael! with Pastor Carlos

Thank you, Fr. Michael!

Last week it was announced on this bulletin and on pulpit announcements, that in the summer, Fr. Michael will be moving to St Thomas Aquinas Parish in Ojai, CA. I’m sure this transition is not easy for Fr. Michael, so I really admire his obedience to our Provincial. He will be dearly missed here.

Even though Fr. Michael retired last July, he has continued to use his energies to welcome people, and help us with the sacraments. He’s probably the most hard-working priest I know. His style of catechesis is to teach people one on one, and a countless number of people have sat with him one-on-one during the day and in the evenings, as he explains the basics of the faith. So many people have remarked of his kindness!

In communicating with two different families last week, they both said not only wonderful things about Fr. Michael, but how the inclusive and joyful culture of the parish has developed under his leadership.

He has done the same for our school in embracing diversity. I was at a diocesan meeting recently, and the principal and I were told that our parish school stands out in the diocese as one of the most diverse. The annual fund of the school is aptly named the Fr. McFadden Fund. Being the humble person that he is, Fr. Michael did not like the name, but he will be remembered every year as people partner with the school to support Catholic education in North Park.

Although I may have a different approach to accomplishing some of the pastor’s duties, Fr. Phil and I are committed to continuing to make our parish a place where everyone can find her or his place in seeking God and worshipping with us. We desire to help everyone experience a sense of belonging.

God Bless, Fr. Carlos, OSA

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