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Monday, March 18, 2019

Sympathy, love and integrity in New Zealand

Christchurch: The price we pay for your freedom to hate
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: As the Australian Muslim community reels from the craven hate crime, Sydney lawyer Tamana Daqiq cannot help but wonder: "What if that were us? What if that will be us?"
HuffPost: Islamophobia is a global crisis -- and it's time we view it that way

Jacinda Ardern is showing the world what real leadership is: Sympathy, love and integrity
The (London) Guardian: The New Zealand prime minister has reacted to the Christchurch shootings with steel, compassion and absolute clarity. And she has given us a vision of a better world.

The difficult questions Catholics need to ask after the college admissions scandal
America: As a professor, Cecilia Gonz├ílez-Andrieu is confronted daily by the problematic issue of who has a seat in the classroom and who does not. As a theologian, she is tasked with calling attention to the Christian priorities that should be, must be, different from those of the "marketplace."
The Atlantic: Elite-college admissions were built to protect privilege

How the poor became blessed
Aeon: Greco-Roman gods had no interest in the poor nor was organized charity a religious duty. Christianity was different.

I'm a "church leader" who doesn't really go to church
Christian Century: Adam J. Copeland loves the church. But he says it's harder to love specific congregations.

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