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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Seven things that death can teach you

God is not a guy and neither am I: male dominance and sexual abuse in churches
Baptist News Global: Although abuse also occurs in other churches besides Catholic and Southern Baptist, it's not surprising that more of the stories implicate the most male-dominated denominations.

Here's why Catholics are called to think about death -- daily
America Magazine: It can sound intimidating and morose, but remembering death actually helps us to grow in hope and become closer to God.
Religion News Service: Seven things that death can teach you

The Supreme Court is quietly changing the status of religion in American life
The New Yorker: The short version of what's going on is that the establishment clause is out, and the free-exercise clause is in.

The church growth gap: The big get bigger while the small get smaller
Christianity Today: The US congregations most likely to grow are the 10 percent that already have more than 250 worshipers.
Vox: Most churches are losing members fast -- but not the Mormons. Here's why.

My holy envy of other faith traditions
The Christian Century: In Barbara Brown Taylor's new book, she describes how her attraction to other religions deepened love of her own.

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