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Friday, March 15, 2019

Is fasting just an affectation?

Improper voting discovered at Methodist vote on gay clergy
The New York Times: Voting irregularities are apparently not enough to change final vote margin but raise questions about the process behind the divisive decision.
United Methodist News Service: GC2019 voting credentials under review

A damnable shame
Comment: The church as co-conspirator in unrelenting, adaptive racism.

Study asks: Are 13 seminaries sustainable?
United Methodist News Service: A new independent study makes the case that each of the 13 UMC seminaries plays a crucial role in developing Wesleyan church leaders but the question of long-term sustainability is less certain.

Is fasting just an affectation?
UnHerd: Hunger is the most fundamental political problem of them all, says Giles Fraser.

Southern Baptist executive, experts say churches should address abuse of adults
Religion News Service: Leaders from the SBC and other denominations are seeking to educate clergy and other staffers about appropriate boundaries as they relate to adults in their congregations, classrooms and counseling sessions.

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