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Thursday, March 21, 2019

How can we trust others in our fallen world?

LifeWay Christian Resources to close all stores in 2019
Religion News Service: LifeWay, the publishing arm of the SBC, will move its resources online. The digital shift comes amid declining customer traffic and sales and follows the closure of other major Christian retailers.

American Muslims more likely to have evangelical friends, family than vice versa, poll finds
The Christian Post: 38 percent of Muslim respondents reported having any family members or close friends who are evangelical and 53 percent reported interacting with evangelicals either "very frequently" or "somewhat frequently."
Foundation for Ethnic Understanding: 2019 study on U.S. Evangelical Christian & Muslim relations

A Lenten reflection about repentance, reparations and resistance
Baptist News Global: Repentance for white Baptists should involve the discipline of self-imposed and penitent silence about reparations.

How can we trust others in our fallen world?
America: "We live, all of us, in a disappointing world," Terrance Klein writes. "Small wonder that we are essentially suspicious."

China tells Christianity to be more Chinese
Christianity Today: Is this a case of government oppression or the Chinese church coming into its own? How to understand "sinicization."

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