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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Faith, imagination, and the glory of ordinary life

Is schism inevitable for the United Methodist Church?
Religion & Politics: Any attempts from denominational leaders to foster healing and unity will likely fall on deaf ears as congregations further entrench and brace themselves for the unknown future.
United Methodist News Service: Resistance to GC2019 spreads 

Victoria (Australia) opens the way for secular or atheist school chaplains
The (London) Guardian: State in Australia agrees chaplains can be of 'any faith or no faith' as it settles landmark challenge.

Faith, imagination, and the glory of ordinary life
The Christian Century: Marilynne Robinson and Rowan Williams in conversation.

Transgender Day: A chance for churches to open doors and hearts to our transgender neighbors
Baptist News Global: Religious communities, in our inability and unwillingness to see and affirm transgender people, number among those who contribute to the pain, suffering and death of this community, Amy Butler and Mike Moskowitz write.

Romney's Mormon religion helps explain his criticism of Trump
The Conversation: Romney's Mormon faith is central to understanding his concerns about Trump's character and leadership.

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