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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Can a good meal bring people back to church?

How denominations split: Lessons for Methodists from Baptist battles of the '80s
Religion News Service: The answer to how you split a denomination is slowly, in hundreds of painful decisions, says Nancy T. Ammerman.

What if the church year began on Ash Wednesday?
Baptist News Global: Sometimes we need to begin in the ashes, says Mark Wingfield. From there, we have nowhere to go but up.
The Conversation: 4 things to know about Ash Wednesday

The Deseret News: Food-centric events are playing a growing role in religious communities as leaders try to use food to reach people who are skeptical of organized religion and strengthen the faith of regular churchgoers.

Harvard Gazette: Study shows that many who experience the trauma of war become increasingly religious.

Why we need to design (and pay for) beautiful churches
America: An interview with Duncan G. Stroik, an architect, author and professor of architecture at the University of Notre Dame.

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