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Friday, March 29, 2019

Bad theology, bad atheism

Survey: Most Americans continue to oppose religious service refusals to LGBT people
Religion News Service: A new survey finds that strong majorities within all religious groups also support nondiscrimination policies for LGBT Americans. White evangelicals and Mormons were the outliers.
PRRI: American values atlas 

Bad theology, bad atheism
National Review: The decline of sound popular theology is reflected in the poor quality of our atheism.
The New York Times: A God Problem 

Any patient near to death can have a spiritual experience. I've seen it.
The (London) Guardian: People don't have to be religious -- these experiences can happen to anyone.

Cardinal Bo calls for 'ecological reparation' for indigenous peoples
Crux: A leading Asian cardinal says the world's resources are at the mercy of a minuscule minority, and the "poor are doubly-condemned by an economy that favors the powerful and a carbon hegemony that destroys their livelihood."

The measles emergency: What are religious exemptions?
The New York Times: The vast majority of states allow families to opt out of getting vaccinated if they object on religious grounds. But this year's outbreaks are now raising public health questions about such exemptions.

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