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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Conservative Christians just retook the United Methodist Church

Conservative Christians just retook the United Methodist Church
The Atlantic: The mainline denomination voted on Tuesday to toughen its teachings against homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and LGBTQ clergy. It must now decide whether it will stay together. 
Christianity Today: United Methodists vote to keep traditional marriage stance
The New York Times: United Methodists tighten ban on same-sex marriage and gay clergy

Conflict defines General Conference aimed at unity
United Methodist News Service: United Methodists tried to come to terms with a General Conference that was meant to unify but instead underscored divisions and had all sides acknowledging a high level of pain.
Religion News Service: Bishop Will Willimon on why no plan can unite United Methodists

How translation obscured the music and wordplay of the Bible
Aeon: Any translation of the Bible that does not convey at least something of the stylistic brilliance of the original is a betrayal of it, and such has been the case of all the English versions done by committee in the modern period, says Robert Alter.

The private faith of black public figures, from Ethel Waters to Muhammad Ali
Religion & Politics: In his new book, "Faith and Struggle in the Lives of Four African Americans," Randal Maurice Jelks argues that the individual narrative of faith is a neglected element in black biography.

Southern Baptist executive group urges caution before investigating church abuse
Religion News Service: A Southern Baptist working group urged a cautious approach in investigating churches linked to allegations of sex abuse but has agreed that three of 10 churches named by SBC President J.D. Greear last week should be investigated.

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