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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

“The Best Books I Read in 2018”

“The Best Books I Read in 2018” | CWR Contributors | Forty CWR editors and contributors share their favorite reads from the last year.

On evangelizing the culture and why hobbits (really) need the Shire | Conor Sweeney | We, as “Christian hobbits”, need to understand that the real imperative and challenge of evangelization takes place well before we can even think of doing anything “out there.”

Living Advent and celebrating Christmas in a secularized, materialistic society | Fr. Peter M. J. Stravinaskas | Nine suggestions on how to re-capture a proper celebration of the Advent-Christmas cycle of the Church’s year.

An Advent Examination | Fr. Kenneth G. Davis, OFM Conv. | While not encouraging it as the grump who steals the joy of Christmas, what better way to prepare for Christ than by preparing our conscience?

Spanning continents and centuries, Our Lady’s message is clear | Jeanette Flood | At various times and places, the Blessed Mother has communicated to her children on Earth the need for repentance and trust in God’s mercy.

A short defense of authentic synodality | Dr. Adam A.J. DeVille | Prior to the conclusion of Vatican II, synods were not thematic conferences discussing boutique interests of some group or other. Far from it. 

The End and the Eucharist: Advent Wisdom from Newman and Knox | Fr. Charles Fox | In a very real sense, the end is always near, and the nearness of Christ’s coming calls us to action, to preparation, and vigilance.

Catholic. 100% Pro-life. Feminist. | K. V. Turley | “Like other pro-life feminists,” says Fiorella Nash, author of The Abolition of Woman, “I see abortion as a form of exploitation and a sign that contemporary feminism has lost its way.”

Saint Paul, the Apocalypse, and the mystery of evil | Conor Sweeney | Satan relentlessly pursues the best so that the worst might be that much more effective a lie.

A Spirituality of Advent | Fr. David V. Meconi | As God’s chosen ones “on the way,” we must insist on the quiet of Advent.  

Why I came to believe that Mary was conceived without sin | Dr. Leroy Huizenga | Most Catholic-Protestant debates surrounding Mary and beliefs such as the Immaculate Conception take place on a surface level.

February meeting at the Vatican needs to address directly the crisis of leadership | Christopher R. Altieri | The evils plaguing the US hierarchy are not limited to the capitally gruesome realities of child abuse and coverup, but include entrenched networks of corrupt and morally bankrupt clerics, high and low.

The Benedict Option for a “Monastic” Church | Richard H. Bulzacchelli, STD | When we confuse the City of God with the City of Man and believe Christians have more in common with the world than not, we assimilate to the world. 

Environmental questions we ought to (but rarely) ask | Thomas M. Doran | The greatest environmental threats are not in America or Europe but in autocratic states and in faux-democratic countries where privilege and graft are rampant.

Avoiding another Roman fiasco in February | George Weigel | There are disturbing signs that Those Who Just Don’t Get It are still not getting it, I’d like to flag some pitfalls the February meeting should avoid.

The Pope fiddles, the bishops fumble, and the laity fume | Carl E. Olson | No, it’s not clear that the Holy See is taking the abuse crisis seriously. And the USCCB isn’t helping matters.


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