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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Pope to gay priests: Be celibate or get out

Putting Lent back into Christmas
Bearings: Gerald W. Schlabach has a modest proposal to rescue the Christmas season from sentimentality on commercially peddled steroids: Let's put the "Lent" back into Christmas.

Bush funeral blended symbols of church and state, seemed non-communal
National Catholic Reporter: The funeral of President George H.W. Bush was a moment for our secular culture to recognize the degree to which, in the face of death, the Christian church has something meaningful to say, some comfort to bring, some hope to proclaim.

Under pressure, Museum of the Bible moves charismatic Christian conference off-site
Religion News Service: The change of venue is only the latest skirmish with scholars who claim the museum privileges the Protestant Bible and is intended to advance a broader evangelical agenda.

Pope to gay priests: Be celibate or get out
Religion News Service: What is remarkable about Francis' comments is not that he is cracking down on gay priests but that he is applying the same standards to gay and heterosexual priests

Matters of life and death: Rowan Williams and John Gray in conversation
New Statesman: Two of our greatest thinkers tackle humanity's key questions.

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