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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

“Mass of the Americas”

Triumphant premiere for “Mass of the Americas”: December 8 Mass in San Francisco incorporated a 16-voice mixed chorus, the organ, a string quartet, bells and marimba, with parts in Spanish, Latin and English, as well as Nahuatl

Churches worth driving to: St. Peter Chaldean, El Cajon

Ventura College: “I think there’s a higher being”: Inquiring Minds - second in a series

“They have convicted an innocent man”: Trial observer: “It was absolutely clear to everyone in that court that the accusations were baseless. It wasn’t that Pell didn’t do what he’s accused of -- he clearly couldn’t have done it.”

California bishops back push to end childhood poverty: California Catholic Conference joins press conference in support of package of legislation that would increase state funding for multiple services to children and low-income families

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