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Monday, December 3, 2018

An Education to Restore Wonder

Why Catholics Should Sympathize with Nationalism

James Kalb

President Trump’s criticism of globalism and praise of nationalism have drawn scathing criticism. For many, “globalism” suggests universal human solidarity, “nationalism” aggression, self-seeking, and idolizing a particular state and people. Others say that “nationalism” is right-wing code for white supremacy, “globalism” for rule by shadowy Jewish financial interests. Such responses obscure real issues that need […]

An Education to Restore Wonder

K. E. Colombini

On a recent fall afternoon, bright and chilly as it can be in the Midwest, a group of parents in St. Louis had the opportunity for an informal visit from the president of Wyoming Catholic College and his wife. The Doctors Arbery—Glenn and Virginia; she is an associate professor at the school—each brought to the […]

On Bryant’s “To A Waterfowl”

John M. Grondelski

In December 1815, freshly admitted to the bar, the American poet William Cullen Bryant was walking to Plainfield, Massachusetts, when he observed a bird—probably a duck—flying across the horizon at sunset. That vision gave birth to what has been called the best short poem in any language and even by one “the most beautiful poem […]

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