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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Divide That Runs Through America Is Religious

No Blue Wave Yet Troubles Are Ahead

Bruce Frohnen

Last night’s election returns were not a total disaster for people of faith, or for Catholics in particular. Republicans actually increased their majority in the Senate, which means that President Trump’s uniformly textualist judicial nominees will continue to be confirmed. That’s very good news for the Constitution, and with it for people committed to norms […]

The Divide That Runs Through America Is Religious

Jerry D. Salyer

Although somewhat overshadowed by the allegory of the Cave, the myth of the ring of Gyges, and other powerful images found in Plato’s Republic, the account of the ship of fools is still memorable and compelling. As Plato’s mentor Socrates discusses with his young friends the nature of justice and the ideal political community, the […]

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