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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Fastest growing religion is 'none'

Fastest growing religion is 'none'
The (Minneapolis) Star-Tribune: One in four Americans now belong to no religion, a trend fueling church closings, mergings. They reveal a major force behind the empty pews in churches across Minnesota and the nation

Faith leaders describe the 'inner conflict and turmoil' they've experienced since Trump took office
Deseret News: Amid increasing political polarization, faith leaders are searching for a way to proclaim religious values without tearing people apart.

WWI ended 100 years ago; Here's how Christianity, religion played a role in The Great War
Lancaster Online: Although World War I was a geopolitical conflict, one aspect that has gained traction in recent years is the role Christianity played.
Commonweal: Lessons after long wars

Open letter to the US Catholic bishops: It's over
National Catholic Reporter: All the manipulations and contortions of the past 33 years, all the attempts to deflect and equivocate -- all of it has brought the church, but especially the bishops, to this moment.

Why being transgender is not a sin
Baptist News Global: Transgender identity is about who a person is, says Mark Wingfield. It is about their fundamental being as humans created by God in God's image -- an image that God has declared to be good.

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