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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Thomas Keating dies at 95

As religion wanes, 'religious' hatred grows
The Boston Herald: At the same time that religious affiliation is on the decline, hate crimes based on religion -- and against Jews in particular -- are on the rise.

Pittsburgh suspect's hatred of Jews, HIAS part of larger anti-immigrant surge
Religion News Service: The shooting suspect's animus toward HIAS and fear of immigrants show how a combustible mix of factors led to the carnage.

White evangelicals are the sleeping giant of the 2018 midterms
Vox: All the policy wins that explain evangelical Christians' loyalty to Trump.
The New York Times: Religion and right-wing politics: how evangelicals reshaped elections

Why science can't replace religion
Vox: John Gray on the myths the "New Atheists" tell themselves.

Thomas Keating, pioneer in centering prayer, interfaith dialogue, dies at 95
National Catholic Reporter: Trappist Fr. Thomas Keating, a global figure in both interreligious dialogue and Christian contemplative prayer, has died at the age of 95.

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