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Friday, October 19, 2018

The neighborhood is the unit of change

Justice Department investigates abuse by Catholic clergy in Pennsylvania
Washington Post: The Justice Department has launched an investigation into alleged sexual abuse of children by Catholic clergy across the state of Pennsylvania - a major escalation of government scrutiny of the church long sought by victims of pedophile priests.
Washington Post: Want to address priest sexual abuse? The Catholic Church needs to overhaul its seminaries

Clergywomen numbers increased significantly in two decades, sometimes equaling men
Religion News Service: The share of women in the ranks of American clergy has doubled -- and sometimes tripled -- in some denominations over the last two decades, a new report shows. The two traditions with the highest percentages of women clergy were the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ, according to the "State of Clergywomen in the U.S."

James Cone and the liberating spirit of blackness
Christian Century: While James Cone's physical voice is now silent -- he died earlier this year -- his written voice cries out in a memoir, compelling us to listen as he testifies.

The neighborhood is the unit of change
New York Times: It could be that the neighborhood, not the individual, is the essential unit of social change. If you're trying to improve lives, maybe you have to think about changing many elements of a single neighborhood, in a systematic way, at a steady pace, writes David Brooks.

The case against 'The Case Against Education'
InsideHigherEd: "The Case Against Education" actually affirms the value of higher education, writes reviewer Joshua Kim, because it is this system from which the book emerged. Where else are thinkers free to publish passionate arguments against their employers? Caplan is the poster child as to why academic freedom is so vital.

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