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Monday, October 22, 2018

Religious freedom advocate Charles Haynes: 'It's not a choice'

What it's like to be a young Catholic in a new era of clergy sex abuse scandals
Washington Post: In an era when the church is frequently perceived as behind the times on matters of importance to them, some young Catholics have responded to the latest setbacks by pulling further away from the beleaguered institution, while others have drawn closer. This generation of Catholic college students has grown up amid the stain of the sexual abuse crisis - most can't remember a pre-scandal church.

Robert Wood Lynn, leader in religion scholarship, dies at age 93
Christian Century: Robert Wood Lynn, an influential Christian educator who served as senior vice president for religion for Lilly En­dowment Inc., has died at age 93. Through his role at Lilly beginning in 1974, Lynn distributed $100 million in hundreds of grants for research into theological education, church-state relations, and the challenges facing Christian de­nom­ina­tions and congregational leaderships.

Evangelicals are paying high moral price for anti-abortion gains. What would Jesus do?
USA Today: The Republican Party has used the issue of abortion as a tool to manipulate religious leaders across the country, writes pastor Doug Pagitt in an op-ed. But they have become blinded and desensitized to all other injustices and inhumanities: children separated from parents, refugees refused safety, women denigrated and abused, and health care denied to the vulnerable, he writes.

Religious freedom advocate Charles Haynes: 'It's not a choice'
Religion News Service: First Amendment scholar Charles Haynes has spent more than two decades helping schools walk the line between religion and state. Haynes, who is retiring from the Freedom Forum Institute's Religious Freedom Center, talked to Religion News Service about the state of religious freedom in the nation, his hopes and worries about its future, and his little-spoken-of personal faith.

One-on-one with John C. Maxwell on 'The Maxwell Leadership Bible'
Christianity Today: Leadership isn't a one and done deal. It's a journey, says John C. Maxwell. A lot of leaders feel like they should be overnight success stories, but leadership isn't a flash-in-the-pan endeavor. It is built intentionally over time, and the Bible helps us remember that.

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