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Monday, October 1, 2018

Adam’s Curse: William Butler Yeats on Original Sin

Truth and Integrity Are Under Assault

Stephen M. Krason

If anything becomes clear as we consider the current raging questions on the American scene, it is that concern for truth is readily cast aside. While falsehood and deceit to be sure are nothing new in human history—they began when Adam and Eve tried to hide themselves from God after their sin—it’s fair to say […]

One Way to Fix the Nominating Process

Bob Sullivan

Watching the Kavanaugh Judicial Committee hearing has been an unpleasant task. I have not been able to watch it all, nor have I been able to read all the details from each day. However, I think we have all learned a lot about the current condition of the United States through this process, and it […]

Adam’s Curse: William Butler Yeats on Original Sin

Patrick B. Whalen

We made a good run in Genesis… all of two and a half chapters before finding ourselves on the business end of a curse leveled at us by omnipotent God. Don’t you hate it when that happens? As a matter of fact, we have been hating it ever since. As a defining feature of our […]

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