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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Worldliness is the very heart of the Catholic Church's crisis

Weighing the spiritual cost when saints turn out to be scoundrels
Religion News Service: What do we do when we learn that the person we trusted as an intermediary for God, or to teach us about all things eternal, is actually a predator?

US bishops to meet Pope Francis Sept. 13 to discuss McCarrick probe
Crux: After days of speculation, Vatican announces that leadership of the U.S. bishops' conference will meet Pope Francis to lay out a plan for investigating the scandal surrounding ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

The politicization of the Catholic clergy abuse crisis
Religion & Politics: Archbishop ViganĂ²'s allegations should not be read in isolation or as an aberration, but as the latest chapter in an ongoing campaign to weaken the credibility of Pope Francis.

Worldliness is the very heart of the Catholic Church's crisis
National Catholic Reporter: More and more, Michael Sean Winters is convinced that we Americans have become dull to the Gospel for the simple reason that it is good news for the poor and we are no longer poor.
Christian Today: Archbishop of Canterbury calls for end to foodbanks, nightshelters in barnstorming TUC address

Trump's God-talk is turning America off religion
The Daily Beast: The excessive public mingling of religion and politics is making more and more people want to keep religion to themselves, says a new poll.

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