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Friday, September 21, 2018

why lively churches aren't for everyone

The struggle for a new American gospel
The New Republic: A liberal's search for God and faith in a divided country.

Why hasn't Trump's refugee policy repelled his Christian supporters?
The Atlantic: Breaking with his predecessors from both parties, Trump has ratcheted down admissions of those fleeing persecution to their lowest levels in decades.
Christianity Today: Evangelicals argue against US reducing refugees to 30,000

Flourishing in Ministry program aims to counter pastor burnout
National Catholic Reporter: Notre Dame's Flourishing in Ministry program studies the needs of church ministers of all Christian stripes, and works with clergy to find answers to their work concerns.

Memoirist: Evangelical purity movement sees women's bodies as a 'threat'
NPR: Author says movement is most effective at stifling women's sexuality and creating a "deep, long-lasting shame" among its practitioners.

In praise of peace and quiet: why lively churches aren't for everyone
Christian Today: What about those who come to church not to find "community," but to find God -- in the peace of quiet contemplation and a formal, repetitive liturgy?

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