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Monday, September 3, 2018

What the Priest Scandal Is – and Is Not – About

What the Priest Scandal Is – and Is Not – About

Anthony Esolen

I have not written about the recent barrage of accusations regarding the scandal of Catholic priests who could not keep their hands and other things to themselves, and the prelates who did the same, encouraged them, or shuffled them here and there to hide them. I am not a private investigator or a lawyer, so […]

The Time Has Come to Ban “Reconciliation Rooms”

Erik Bootsma

Amid the recent revelations of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, there have been calls for substantive actions to prevent future abuse by clergy. While most of these calls have focused on transparency, accountability, punishment of guilty parties, and lay oversight of cases after the fact, there are a few which deal with how to […]

The Man Who Saw and Tasted the Abundance of Life: Mitchell Kalpakgian: In Memoriam

William Edmund Fahey

Last Tuesday, I was in the White Mountains with the new students of Thomas More College ascending Mt. Washington. Thwarted by gale force winds at the summit, the group was denied its initial goal, turned aside from the main route, and followed an unknown path towards Boott’s Spur—ground I knew, but had trouble finding due […]

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