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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Sick Britons find religion in God's waiting room

How we can all repent on Yom Kippur -- even if it means losing an election
Religion News Service: The truth is that all Americans could do with an accounting of our national transgressions. As a country, we should all beat our breasts this Yom Kippur -- indeed, every day.
The Conversation: Yom Kippur: A time for feasting as well as fasting

The unlikely endurance of Christian rock
The New Yorker: The genre has been disdained by the church and mocked by secular culture. That just reassured practitioners that they were rebels on a righteous path.

Survey shows more pastors preach about abuse in #MeToo age
Religion News Service: The survey by LifeWay Research offers a detailed look at Protestant pastors' attitudes and actions related to abuse and harassment.

Take-aways on the latest twists in the clerical abuse saga
Crux: Over just the last 72 hours, there have been at least three new twists to the clerical sexual abuse scandals once again rocking the global Church.

Sick Britons find religion in God's waiting room
The (London) Times: Do you believe in God? Britons are more likely to answer "yes" when faced with their own mortality, as figures show that religious faith is stronger among hospital patients than the general public.

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