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Friday, September 28, 2018

Does a Rainbow Flag Belong in a Catholic Church?

Farewell, Zippy Catholic. Godspeed.

Austin Ruse

Riding his bicycle on a country road in Northern Virginia, a man named Matt met Jesus unexpectedly this week. Strangers found the 53-year-old man lying in a ditch with his toes still clipped into his peddles. Matt’s wife had gone up ahead, but when he did not catch up, she turned around and peddled back […]

Does a Rainbow Flag Belong in a Catholic Church?

Hudson Byblow

Recently, parishioners burned a Rainbow Flag in Chicago. They felt justified to take matters into their own hands because they recognized that the ideology represented by the that flag challenges the truths upheld by the Church. And they did something about it. And now one priest is paying the price. The Rainbow Flag in the […]

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