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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

This chef is leading a manna revival

The Catholic Church needs a new doctrine of scandal
Religion News Service: If the culture Pope Francis says he wants is to be created, what the church teaches about scandal needs to be changed, says Mark Silk.

New Catholic sex abuse allegations show how long justice can take in a 16-year scandal
Vox: Almost two decades after the Boston Globe's reporting, secrecy and bureaucracy have delayed justice.
Crux: Reaction to Pope's abuse letter: 'Nice words, but it's time for action'

Civil lawsuits are the only way to hold bishops accountable for abuse cover-ups
The Conversation: In the wake of new revelations about clergy sex abuse and cover-up in Pennsylvania, civil lawsuits brought by abuse victims may be the only effective way to hold Catholic Church officials accountable.

#ChurchToo supporter Karen Swallow Prior builds bridges between the extremes
Religion News Service: Karen Swallow Prior is an evangelical English professor in rural Virginia who can claim something most others who fit that description can't: more than 25,000 Twitter followers.

Inside The Museum of The Bible, this chef is leading a manna revival
The Forward: Some in the Bible call it a miracle food. Others dismiss it as filling, but bland. But a Washington, D.C. chef thinks it's time to reconsider.

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