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Friday, August 3, 2018

The gaying of the Church

The Fetid Sea in Which They Swim

Austin Ruse

The gaying of the Church is perhaps the most diabolical attack the Devil has ever launched against the Catholic Faith. First, there is the massive damage done to the Church: the thousands of victims, the hundreds of millions in payouts, the bankruptcy of dioceses, the cratering of ecclesial credibility. And yet, in our society is […]

The Jim Foley Option to End Clergy Sexual Abuse

Michael P. Foley

In the wake of the “Uncle Ted” McCarrick scandal have come a series of recommendations about where the Church should go from here and what the laity can do to help. Answers range from Anthony Esolen’s urging the resignation of every bishop who knew of the Cardinal’s vile actions to Christopher Tollefsen’s invitation to suspend […]

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