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Monday, August 13, 2018

Sex abuse scandals continue plaguing Catholic Church

For military families, this church aims to be manna from heaven
Religion News Service: At a time when many churches are struggling, the founder of Manna Church thinks he has found a way to keep many young military families by building a church home for them wherever they go.

As Willow Creek reels, churches must reckon with how power corrupts
Religion News Service: The shameful situation at the iconic church should inspire Christian communities everywhere to take seriously how power corrupts, and guard more vigorously against its abuse.

Sex abuse scandals continue plaguing Catholic Church
The Washington Post: With revelation after revelation, a new wave of sexual abuse scandals is rocking the Roman Catholic Church and presenting Pope Francis with the greatest crisis of his papacy.

Integrating Sunday morning church service -- a prayer answered
NPR: Churches are some of the most segregated places in America. But two pastors in Oakland are trying an experiment - to merge a white congregation and a black congregation into one house of worship, called Tapestry Church.

Crumbling stone in the Western Wall exposes Jerusalem's religious fractures
The (London) Guardian: Erosion is damaging the 2,000-year-old site -- but restoration plans have been complicated by its sacred status.

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