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Monday, August 13, 2018

Seven Lessons from the McCarrick Case

The World Has Little of Value to Teach the Church

James Kalb

I recently commented on the signs of the times, and noted that they tell us to pay more attention to eternity. The topic deserves further discussion. In the 1960s, it became common for Catholics to look to the world for guidance. That attitude inspired the widespread false belief that Saint John XXIII said the Second Vatican […]

Seven Lessons from the McCarrick Case

Jeffrey Tranzillo

Following the long overdue revelations about the contemptible sexual misconduct of former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, many authors have rightly expressed their indignation toward him and his episcopal enablers. In this article, I will try not to spend much time on ground already well trod, but will rather highlight some of the lessons from the McCarrick […]

Is Silas Marner One of the Good Books?

Jonathan Shoulta

Although the George Eliot novel is missing from some iterations of John Senior’s list of 1,000 Good Books, Silas Marner appears in the list as it appears in Senior’s diagnostic book, The Death of Christian Culture. This is strange considering the secular and atheistic philosophies that informed the work. That this Victorian novel contains some […]

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