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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Prosperity gospel taught to 4 in 10 evangelical churchgoers

Prosperity gospel taught to 4 in 10 evangelical churchgoers
Christianity Today: Survey finds most Protestants believe God wants them to prosper financially. But views diverge on whether they must tithe to receive it.

The contemporary battle over "religious liberty," explained
Vox: Religious conservatives keep winning religious liberty lawsuits. Why do they -- and Attorney General Jeff Sessions -- feel so besieged? 

'There's going to be a raid': A Chilean prosecutor forces Catholic Church to give up secrets
Reuters: The surprise sweeps marked the start of one of the most aggressive investigations ever undertaken by a judicial authority anywhere in the world.

What the early church thought about God's gender
The Conversation: In early Christian texts, God gives birth to Israel and is described as a woman in labor and a mother comforting her children.

Stop giving young adults special treatment at church
U.S. Catholic: Rather than a church hosting events specifically for young adults, young adults should be encouraged to engage in different ministries and fellowship within the intergenerational life of a parish.

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