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Friday, August 3, 2018

Nontraditional weddings have become the norm

United Methodists debate, lobby and worry in advance of LGBT decision
Religion News Service: No matter which of three ways forward is adopted at meeting next year, nobody can accuse United Methodists of rashness.

From donors to patrons: a conversation
Comment: Understanding the commitment and calling of genuine patronage.

Study: Most US major superiors think women deacons 'theoretically possible'
National Catholic Reporter: 72 percent of respondents also say church "should authorize" ordaining women deacons.

The Pope's groundbreaking rejection of the death penalty
The Atlantic: In a revised version of the Catechism, the punishment is deemed unacceptable in all cases.
The Conversation: Can you be Christian and support the death penalty?

Nontraditional weddings have become the norm
Christian Century: Part of Peter W. Marty admires couples who don't pretend to be religious on their wedding day.

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