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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

How to save the Catholic Church

The plague of sexual abuse is worse than you think.
America: The problem within the church is bad. The problem in our families and in our neighborhoods is even worse, says the Rev. Matt Malone.

Four things the church must do to respond to sex abuse
Religion News Service: The Rev. Thomas Reese on what the church needs to do to get its house in order and satisfy its critics.
The Week: How to save the Catholic Church

Cardinal McCarrick scandal inflames debate over gay priests
Associated Press: Allegations that disgraced ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick engaged in sex with adult seminarians have inflamed a long-running debate about the presence of gay men in the Roman Catholic priesthood.
America: Don't blame the sex abuse crisis on queer Catholics

How these Muslim women became NYC civic leaders
Religion & Politics: Muslim women in New York City are increasingly at the forefront of local and national political engagement -- not as spectators, or even just participants, but as largely unrecognized leaders of civic change.

The secret meanings behind the beasts in a medieval menagerie
Atlas Obscura: The Ashmole Bestiary is a medieval book of beasts, describing animals -- real and imagined -- and their meanings within the time's Christian belief system.

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