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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

“Gay” Priests? An Open Letter to Fr. James Martin

“Gay” Priests? An Open Letter to Fr. James Martin

Jim Russell

For decades, homosexualist Jesuit priest Fr. James Martin has sought to normalize the existence of the “gay” priest. Just a few weeks ago, in a July 20 Facebook post, he claimed he knows “scores,” if not “hundreds,” of “gay” priests who are among the “millions of emotionally healthy and psychologically mature LGBT people who have […]

The Popeye Generation

Kevin Clark

By now most people have seen the videos on YouTube. An agent provocateur ventures to a college campus and asks students if someone with male chromosomes and genitalia is a woman if s/he claims to be a woman. The students uniformly accept that the person is whatever gender they claim. Then the provocateur asks the […]

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