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Thursday, August 2, 2018

August 5, 2018 - Sunday Bulletin - St. Patrick Church

Sunday Bulletin
Saint Patrick Catholic Parish
Sunday, August 5, 2018 — Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

And The Fires Continue...

The fires in California seem to be recurring more often, and their intensity has appeared to increase as well. I read that the fires in 2017 were among the most destructive in California’s history, leaving 46 people dead and causing nearly $12 billion in damages.

Catholic Charities, in the various dioceses in the State, has been working with the affected families, providing targeted assistance to move towards recovery. The fires have only strengthened the resolve of Catholic Charities to serve and help the affected families rebuild their lives broken by unimaginable loss and challenge.

Last month, we, the Augustinians in California, had our Annual Retreat in Ojai, CA, where we have Villanova Preparatory School and St. Thomas Aquinas Parish. I went hiking in the area with other friars, and from a hill we could still see the effects of the Thomas fire which, last December, affected large sections of Ventura County. The fire came dangerously close to our school.

Ashley Iverson lost her husband, Cory, to that fire last December. Cory Iverson was a native of San Diego and as a firefighter he had gone up to Ventura County with a team of firefighters to help contain the fire. Ms. Iverson was four months pregnant at the time, and today is caring for their two daughters.

Mr. Iverson’s sacrifice speaks loudly of a life lived in service, and given up for others. He’s an image of what Christ calls us to do: to love one another as He loved us. Christ gave up His life for us, and Cory Iverson died serving others. Let us remember in our prayers the men and women who serve us as firefighters, and the people affected by the fires.

God bless, Fr. Carlos, O.S.A.
We, the church of Saint Patrick, in the community of North Park,
of the Roman Catholic Diocese and City of San Diego,
declare this to be our primary mission:
to come together to celebrate the Eucharist,
hear God’s word proclaimed,
give praise and thanksgiving to God,
and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
We believe that by freely sharing our faith, talents, and treasures,
we discover Christ’s presence among us and bring Him to others.
We have a strong desire to give and receive love, service, peace, support,
and fellowship, within our families, our parish, our community, and the world.
Open to the power of the Holy Spirit, we pursue this mission faithfully and lovingly.

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