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Thursday, August 23, 2018

August 26, 2018-Sunday Bulletin-Saint Patrick Catholic Parish

Sunday Bulletin

Saint Patrick Catholic Parish

Sunday, August 26, 2018 — Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time


Although his actual feast day is on Tuesday, August 28, it has been a tradition here at St. Patrick’s to remember St. Augustine on the closest Sunday to his actual feast day.

St. Augustine taught that we were made with a desire for God, and yet, that desire is often blinded and misdirected.

Oftentimes, this teaching is used to explain sin: when we sin, we are seeking God in the wrong places. For example, the misdirected desire for God expresses itself in a desire for power, causing from personal quarrels to wars among nations.

On the other hand, we can take the teaching of being made for God, and think of the many good, morally upright people who no longer practice religion. I think St. Augustine would say that they, too, ignore the transcendental aspect, namely, that they were made for God.

The desire to be good is itself a gift from God; and goodness itself is a divine attribute. We were made for God, and God desires to share the fullness of divine life with us.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Way for us to share in that fullness of life. As we remember St. Augustine today, let us also ask him to pray for us, that God’s grace may continue shaping and forming us, so all our desires are expressed in loving God, and loving one another as Christ loves us.

God bless, Fr. Carlos, O.S.A.

We, the church of Saint Patrick, in the community of North Park,
of the Roman Catholic Diocese and City of San Diego,
declare this to be our primary mission:
to come together to celebrate the Eucharist,
hear God’s word proclaimed,
give praise and thanksgiving to God,
and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
We believe that by freely sharing our faith, talents, and treasures,
we discover Christ’s presence among us and bring Him to others.
We have a strong desire to give and receive love, service, peace, support,
and fellowship, within our families, our parish, our community, and the world.
Open to the power of the Holy Spirit, we pursue this mission faithfully and lovingly.

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