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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A New Film on Why Humanae Vitae Still Matters

Strengthening Faith in a Time of Crisis

R. Jared Staudt

A crisis that strikes so centrally at the integrity of the Church necessitates a response from each one us. There must be general reform in the Church, but I’d like to explore how each one of us can respond to the Church’s crisis with a commitment to stronger faith and personal reform. In focusing on […]

Secular Protests of the Papal Visit to Ireland

John P. McCarthy

The closer we get to the visit by Pope Francis to Ireland and specifically to the World Meeting of Families in Dublin the greater seems the criticism, then distrust, and outright hostility to the Church and even to the pope. No doubt, much of it is the accumulated effect of the dramatic loss of Faith […]

Dickens’ David Copperfield: The Wealth of Goodness in Human Nature

Mitchell Kalpakgian

In Dickens’ novels the problems of suffering in the form of poverty, tragedy, and injustice receive their greatest relief from simple, humble, lowly characters with kind, compassionate, and charitable hearts—not from wealthy benefactors, social agencies, or doles from government welfare. Portraying the hardheartedness of the powerful, the avaricious, and the callous in the cold and […]

Critics of Christianity Aren’t So Clever

Regis Nicoll

On cue my recent article, “The Mercy of Intolerance,” prompted some, um, spirited responses outside the general Crisis readership. One gentleman, “Paul,” who was particularly exercised by the piece shot me an email (excerpt below) in hopes of educating me. My response follows. Regis, you and I live in two different worlds. In my world tolerance […]

Where is the St. Pope Pius X of Today?

Fr. John A. Perricone

At the beginning of time a snake slithered into a Garden called Eden. He entered quietly and quite unobtrusively, as is his wont. And he wreaked havoc on the human race. That same serpent slithered into the supernatural Garden of Eden, which is the Holy Catholic Church, in the waning years of the nineteenth century. […]

Running the Church on Hail Marys

Stephen J. Heaney

“This attitude of resignation with regard to truth lies at the heart of the crisis in the West, the crisis of Europe.” ∼ Pope Benedict XVI “You can’t run the Church on Hail Marys.” ∼ former Vatican Bank president Archbishop Paul Marcinkus As jarring revelations about the contemporary episcopacy continue to come to light, it […]

A New Film on Why Humanae Vitae Still Matters

K. V. Turley

At a time when there are persistent rumors emanating from the Vatican of a “revision” of Humanae Vitae, there comes a film showing why fifty years on the 1968 encyclical and what it teaches needs greater proclamation not revision. Unprotected: A Pope, the Pill, and the Perils of Sexual Chaos is a new film produced […]

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