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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

When they need snakes for church, preachers head to SC

No, Pastor Jeffress (and others), America is not a Christian nation. And here's why it matters
Baptist News Global: The message that "America is a Christian nation" is flat-out false factually, legally and practically, says Andrew Daugherty.

Women say ex-Fort Worth youth pastor abused them as teens. 37 years later, he finally resigns
Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram: The story of Travis Avenue Baptist Church unfolds against a backdrop of the Southern Baptist Convention's own recent reckoning with how it deals with abuse.

8 ways to recruit, engage, and keep volunteers
The Christian Century: Churches need volunteers. Those volunteers need something in return.

When they need snakes for church, preachers head to SC
The (Columbia, S.C.) State: South Carolina has, through the years, provided snakes that serpent-handling preachers use at Sunday services because unlike many states, it doesn't limit the sale of venomous snakes.

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